UniForum Benchmarking Survey


UNSW is one of 24 Australian and NZ universities that participate in UniForum, along with 18 Russell Group universities in the UK and a growing group of North American universities.

Activity Collections

The annual UniForum Activity Collections identify the professional staff and supplier (contractor) r​​​esourcing of the service functions and activities that support each university’s teaching and research.
The objectives of the Activity Collections are to:

  • ​Identify the staff and supplier (contractor) resourcing of services within the Collection Period*
  • Classify these services using a standard ‘Activity Framework’, which allows service delivery model ​comparisons across universities
  • Profile the service delivery data to understand:
    • Cost ($) and capacity (w​FTE) of resourcing
    • Distribution of resourcing across central division​s, faculty offices and schools
    • Seniority, management layers, spans of control, ​specialisation of resourcing, etc.

There are three major activity data collection processes:

  • The Professional Staff Collection – captures data about all staff paid via payroll, including casual staff
  • The Supplier (contractor) Collection – captures data about all individuals and companies paid via invoice​
  • Academic Management Collection – captures data about senior academic managers such as DVCs, PVCs, Deans, and Heads of School

* 01 January - 31 December of the collection year​​

Additional UniForum processe​​​s

  • The Activity Collections are complemented by gathering wide-ranging supplementary data that informs analysis and benchmarking between universities.
  • UNSW participated in the UniForum Service Effectiveness Survey in 2014 and 2015. Future participation is currently planned for 2018.
  • UNSW participates in “deep-dive” research studies coordinated by Cubane, the administrator of the UniForum program.

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