Data Visualisation

UNSW data visualisation tool

UNSW has recently adopted Power BI as its preferred data visualisation tool for administrative purposes. The implementation plan for the transition from Tableau to Power BI for UPP provided dashboards is expected to be completed by the end of Q1 2019.

UPP is transitioning away from the use of Tableau to Power BI. UPP will continue to support the Tableau sever license until April 2019, by that time the UPP dashboards will have been transitioned to Power BI, and the Tableau server license will lapse. UPP will work with users of the Tableau server to migrate their content over to Power BI throughout 2019.

Since most Tableau users at UNSW do not use the Tableau server to publish their reports this will not result in any change for those users.

Microsoft Power BI online training

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Purchase a Tableau license 

Individuals who wish to undertake development work using Tableau will need to purchase a developer license and will be required to pay from their relevant business unit funds.

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Tableau Desktop license pricing

How Tableau Desktop licensing works. 

There are currently 2 types of licenses:

  • Perpetual License - $1,500 USD for the first year and $300 USD per year thereafter
  • Subscription License - $630 USD per year

If you would like to purchase a Tableau desktop license please fill in the form above. You will be required to provide your business unit funding details for Tableau licenses.

Any questions about Tableau Desktop licensing please click here to email