Info Hub Azure Data Warehouse

Why a new Info Hub Azure Data Warehouse

The Info Hub SAS data warehouse has long served UNSW’s reporting and analytics needs. However, our information needs have grown significantly with the execution of the UNSW 2025 Strategy and the implementation of the new UNSW 3+ calendar. We now need a more modern, agile, and responsive data platform.  
As an interim measure, late in 2018, UNSW Planning & Performance (UPP) developed a series of Tableau dashboards to support the need for revised reporting to support the UNSW3+ calendar. It became apparent that these were no longer sufficient to address the increased demands for data and reporting.
To support these increased demands for data and reporting UPP has been modernising our enterprise data warehouse platform, developing a new Info Hub on the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI platform.  The new Info Hub Azure data warehouse was in pilot mode for several months, with users from DVCA, Admissions, and DEx providing feedback. Following this successful pilot the new Info Hub Azure data warehouse is now in production from 3rd June 2019.
From June 2019 the interim Tableau dashboards will no longer be available, and UPP will no longer provide support for Tableau dashboards. All of the Info Hub SAS reports will gradually migrated to the new Azure platform during 2020.