Info Hub Enterprise Data Warehouse

Info Hub Azure Data Warehouse

UPP is currently migrating to an Azure Enterprise Data Warehouse. It is anticipated that the first reports will be available to users in early April 2019.

This new data warehouse will incorporate student and HR data to commence and will then include other administrative data over time. The Info Hub Azure Data Warehouse is the UNSW strategic platform for analytics, dashboards and reporting.

More information will be published as we approach the launch date.

Info Hub SAS Data Warehouse

You can login to the Info Hub SAS Enterprise Data Warehouse by clicking the following link:

Info Hub is the SAS Enterprise Data Warehouse. It went live in early December 2015. UNSW Information Hub SAS EDW, was developed to address key security, reliability, and scalability issues relating to the old JULIA data warehouse and its infrastructure.

Info Hub SAS EDW initially launched in 2015 with all of the existing JULIA SAS reports and functionality. However, Info Hub SAS evolved into Q1 2019, to include new reporting to support 3+.

Access from UNSW Canberra/Off Campus​

To access UNSW Info Hub from sites other than the main USNW Kensington Campus, a VPN connection is required. The details for using a UNSW VPN are available.

Information about UNSW VPN access and how to use it is available here.