Info Hub SAS Reporting

Info Hub SAS Data Warehouse


The following reports are available to registered users. If you require access please apply for access here. 

Registered users can log into the Info Hub SAS Enterprise Data Warehouse by clicking the following link:

3+ Reports in Info Hub SAS 

  • REP 301 Full Year Forecast – allows the latest student load full year forecast EFTSL, or actuals data when past census date, to be compared against the student load plan. It can be analysed by faculty, funding group (e.g. international, domestic), career (undergraduate, postgraduate, etc), new vs existing students
  • REP 50 – which provides detail down to individual student level. Provides headcount,  EFTSL, program, faculty, school, teaching,  
  • REP 07 UAC preference by institution
  • REP 08 UNSW preference by faculty
  • REP 09 UAC Preferences by institution and date
  • REP 20 UAC international preferences by institution and country  
  • REP 22 UAC by preferences by Faculty

Decommissioned SAS Reports

Information about decommissioned SAS reports can be found in this Excel spreadsheet (zID required for access).

Info Hub SAS Test Environments

If business units require access to the Info Hub SAS Test environment they must provide 2 business days of prior notice to UPP.

This can be done by logging an IT Service Centre ticket here.

As a cost saving measure UPP will only run the Info Hub SAS Test environment upon request and it will only be running if a service request has been received with 2 business days prior notice. If you have any queries about this process please email UPP at