Performance Reporting

UPP is responsible for developing and coordinating the University’s performance activities and metrics, utilising appropriate benchmarking.

The Council KPIs track UNSW performance over the long term and demonstrate the overall impact of the 2025 Strategy and are reported to Management Board and Council biannually.

Through reporting on these metrics, provide a clear picture of areas of success and challenges to be addressed, as well as an aggregate view of the overall performance of the University.

UPP is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the University-wide performance management framework
  • Providing performance reports to Council, Faculties, Divisions and Management Board
  • Assisting the setting of performance goals
  • Working with stakeholders and customers to identify their planning requirements and priorities
  • Providing predictive analytics to assist with strategic plans
  • Supporting Faculties and Divisions set annual goals
  • Reporting on progress achieved against these goals twice a year to Management Board via the Annual and Mid-Year Reviews
  • Follow up on action items resulting from the Annual and Mid-Year Reviews with Management Board