Mission and Vision

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UNSW Planning and Performance supports the University Council, Executive Management, Faculties and Divisions by:

  • business intelligence and data analytics to provide accurate and timely analysis, insights, reports, and dashboards that are based on reliable data to enable evidence-based management decisions
  • the provision of a modern and secure data platform to enable business intelligence and data analytics
  • provision of forecasts and predictive models for management 
  • providing accurate data and reports to Government and other external stakeholders
  • facilitating the strategic direction of the University by providing insights from data and predictive analytics
  • identifying and testing innovative technologies to continuously improve management access to real time data
  • overseeing robust Data & Information Governance and Data Management practices and policies across UNSW to improve data quality and security
  • tracking the University’s performance and progress on agreed goals and providing advice on the use of data

UNSW Planning and Performance values and encourages:

  • mutual respect, honesty, openness and professionalism
  • information sharing across all staff  
  • collaboration, cross skilling and continuous professional development
  • sharing and celebrating successes 
  • UNSW Planning and Performance is recognised for its adherence to high ethical standards in the treatment of data and information.


UNSW Planning and Performance (UPP) provides customers, partners and stakeholders with secure and reliable data, information and insights enhanced by clear narratives that explain the present and predict possible outcomes.

Staff of UPP will be recognised as experts in their fields and be known for their commitment to high quality customer service.

An important note on use of data 

Prior signoff is required from the Data Executive responsible for the data area, and UNSW Planning and Performance will coordinate approval, if you intend to share any of the following data outside of UNSW: 

  • any data about UNSW staff or students 

  • any other data you have sourced from UNSW systems 

Please direct any questions to datagov@unsw.edu.au

In addition to requiring authorisation from the Data Executive responsible for the data you wish to share, you may also require Media Office signoff as well. 

Please note that a number of InfoHub reports were created for specific internal purposes only, and may use definitions and business rules that differ from official UNSW externally reported data.