Statutory Reporting

Government Reporting

As a publically funded institution, UNSW has statutory reporting requirements to submit regular data reports about UNSW staff and students to the Commonwealth Government's Department of Education and Training. UNSW Planning & Performance manages the annual reporting cycle which runs from January to October with key submissions ​in March, May, June, August and October.

UNSW Planning & Performance also manages a range of additional reporting to various Commonwealth and State Government Departments and Agencies.

If you have a query about the UNSW Planning & Performance program of work please make a request via

The Australian Higher Education sector is working together with the Department of Education & Training and the Department of Human Services (DHS) to build a better solution for student reporting. The project is called Transforming the Collection of Student Information (TCSI - 'taxi') is a joint project to transform how student information is collected. This will change how reporting is undertaken from 2021.  After the implementation of the TCSI project, the UPP team will no longer be responsible for student reporting to government.

QILT: Quality Indicators for Learning & Teaching

As part of the 2014-15 Budget, the Australian Government announced the Upholding Quality – Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) measure.

​The QILT will provide a coherent suite of government-endorsed surveys for higher education that cover the student life-cycle from commencement to employment. 

UPP administers the QILT survey data and the PVC Ed is the data controller and any queries regarding the UNSW institutional data should be directed to the PVC Education via email at

The surveys include: 

  • Student Experience Survey, (previously University Experience Survey ) measuring satisfaction of current students

  • Graduate Outcomes Survey examining satisfaction and  labour market outcomes of higher education graduates

  • development of a new Employer Satisfaction Survey to assess the generic skills, technical skills and work readiness of graduates.

All higher education providers (including non-university providers) are included and the website is here 

QILT surveys will be independently administered by the Social Research Centre (SRC), which publishes a growing set of QILT resources at and

CATEI is now My Experience

The Course and Teaching Evaluation and Improvement (CATEI) has been replaced by the My Experience student survey. You can find out more about My Experience here.

If you have queries about accessing historical data from CATEI reports, please contact CATEI via​