2025 Strategy KPI Scorecards

​UNSW Scorecards contain the official metrics for tracking progress against the 2025 Strategy.

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Scorecard Liaison

​The Scorecard Liaison for each Faculty and Division is the person responsible for updating comments on the Scorecards and liaison with the UPP team.


Division - UPP Liaison Contact

Academic ​- Indelle Scott

Finance & Operations​ - Ashley Milosavljevic 

External Relations​ - Norma Abeyaskera

Philanthropy​  - Irena Tasevska 

Research - Daniel Owens

Human Resources​ - Pete Murray

​Enterprise  - ​Susan McColl

Equity, Diversity & ​Inclusion - Deborah Samuels

Faculty - UPP Liaison Contact

Art & Design - Lynn Greenwood

Arts & Social - Sciences​ Melissa Roughley

Built Environment - ​Briedy Maher 

Business - Joanne Herron

Canberra​ - Mark VanPoppel

Engineering​ - Christina Chung 

Law​ - Victoria Edwards 

Medicine - Jonathan Pheasant

Science - Morgan Sutton