5 Year Plan

UPP will monitor technological developments and incorporate those that enhance service delivery.   

  • To refine use of the InfoHub data warehouse and operationalise the AWS Data Lake and Azure Enterprise Data Warehouse as an alternative tool for managing data and developing reports and dashboards
  • To provide complete and current documentation of Business Rules for the data warehouse and the lake   
  • To promulgate a clear road map of changes and associated timeline 
  • To provide training for customers and staff in accessing and curating the data and producing reports to enable increased self service  
  • To create a Data Governance Centre of Excellence for the University within UPP 

UPP will engage proactively with stakeholders and customers to build an understanding of their requirements and priorities; and build capability in developing and delivering insights and predictive analytics. UPP will provide clear information on processes and priorities.   

UPP staff members will be kept appropriately informed and be given the opportunity to contribute.  

  • To identify and categorise internal and external stakeholders based on services required  
  • To review & redevelop the UPP Service charter & catalogue  
  • To document processes, calendar of regular activities and points of interaction with stakeholders 
  • To create plans of engagement with each stakeholder group 
  • To manage expectations by clearly identifying priorities and the associated timetable  
  • To identify and institute effective cross UPP communication  
  • To find ways to celebrate  

UPP will create an open and inclusive work environment that enables staff members to improve and expand their knowledge and skills. 

  • To audit and document the current skill set of UPP staff members  
  • To identify skills, experience and expertise required by UPP in the short and long term.  Train or recruit staff to meet the need. 
  • To build into BAU opportunities for cross skilling staff members who wish to build expertise outside the boundaries of their “job” 
  • To identify and budget for staff development opportunities including mentoring and staff exchanges  
  • To provide fair and flexible working arrangements and conditions  

UPP will minimise the risk of burying planned initiatives in the flow of business as usual by instituting a six-monthly review and refresh process.  

  • To build into the Calendar time for regular reviews of progress against objectives