Requests for data and reports

UPP provides institutional reporting and data for UNSW,  including statutory reporting and for Council, Faculty and Divisional Scorecards. UPP does not provide ad-hoc reporting from a single system, e.g. SiMS or PiMS. Reports from a single system should be requested directly from the system owner. 

  1. Does your request include data from a single system? If yes, then please contact the system owners directly:
  2. If your request requires data from several systems then please proceed with completing the Info Hub Request form and lodge it via UNSW IT Service Operations Centre
  3. All new Info Hub report requests will be actioned in order of receipt  
  4. Please note that ad hoc requests are addressed by UPP as and when business-as-usual (BAU) work allows and we require a minimum of 20 business days' notice for delivery of reports and data requests - this is so that user requirements can be assessed, data sources acquired, software development and testing can be undertaken.
  5. Click here to complete a  Request Form (zID required) .

AGS Data Access Requests

AGS data access is now strictly limited and Info Hub reports for AGS data are no longer available. If you wish to request access to AGS data  please click here  to outline your business requirements. Please note that due to confidential issues access may not be granted in many cases.